Business Update Number 2

Hi everyone.  This week is another update on how things are going with Creepy Geek.

Things have been moving by pretty fast these past few weeks.  As previously posted, I have a logo, Facebook page, Twitter account, and a basic website.

At the moment I’ve got two projects running with DesignCrowd; one project is for some snazzy Creepy Geek stationery, and the other is for a web design for the website.  Both projects have a few days to go, and I’m loving all the submissions.  A great little extra DesignCrowd has for indecisive people like me is the ability to run a poll.  Once you select the submissions you want in the poll, you can send the link around to friends, etc, and get some feedback.  It was very useful when it came to selecting a logo.

I’ve got some business cards coming fromMOO.  I was going to use a local printing company for my business cards, but MOO has a luxe option for business cards that includes a coloured piece of card in the centre.  It’s hard to explain, so I suggest checking out the link.

I’ve now got a PO Box for Creepy Geek.  I must admit, I was very excited when I opened it the other day to find a letter.  Turned out it was a wrong address, but still, imagine how exciting it’ll be when it’s actually something for Creepy Geek?

Eventually I’ve got to get around to setting up a home office.  One day I hope to rent some office space, but for the time being home will suffice.

And to top it all off, August is Small Business Festival in Victoria.  There are a lot of interesting small business related things going on, some of which I’m hoping to attend.  For the whole month there are dinners, seminars, networking events, and webinars all for the small business owner.  Looking forward to it.

Well, that’s it for my update.  Looking forward to sharing the winning designs for both the stationery and web design projects.

See you next week.


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