Getting Things Done with DesignCrowd

Hi everyone.  This week I’d like to review DesignCrowd as well as include a brief rundown on how to use it.  DesignCrowd is a crowd sourcing website were you can get people from around the world to help you with designs for anything from logos and business cards through to websites and everything in between.

I’m sure you’ve already seen my lovely logo for Creepy Geek.  Here it is again if you missed it:

Creepy Geek - Creepin' Up the Page Ranks

Creepy Geek – Creepin’ Up the Page Ranks

I’m sure we’re all familiar with crowd sourcing.  Usually when I think of crowd sourcing I think of things like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indigogo.  They’re crowd sourcing for funding, whereas DesignCrowd is crowd sourcing for talent: they put you in touch with designers who will create a design for you based on your needs.

Just like with Kickstarter, etc, you create a project that is open for a specific amount of time.  During that time, people will read your project brief (the outline of what you need) and if they’re interested they’ll submit designs.  Once the project time ends, you can either select a winner/winning design, or extend the project for another week or so.

Before you begin a project, you need to select the kind of item you want designed.  Options include logos, stationery, web design, and print designs.

Once you’ve selected what you want designed, you need to create your brief.  The more information you can include in your brief the better.  There are hints and tips available on the same page if you get stuck, and even better your brief will be given a score out of 100 showing how clear and descriptive it is.  The better the brief, the more interest from designers.

Budget is a little tricky.  It’s not just a one price set and forget kind of thing.  The minimum amount is the amount DesignCrowd suggests the winner receive.  On top of that, you can also select amounts for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, as well as amounts for participants.  And then on top of that there are different extras you can include on top of your selected design.  Of course, if like me you have a limited budget, you can just pay the recommended amount to the winning designer.  I feel bad about not being able to give the other designers the appropriate recognition though.

All through the project you can give feedback on the designs.  The more detailed the feedback, the better.  You can also give each design a rating out of 5 stars.  If a particular design isn’t what you’re looking for, you can eliminate it.

Once a project is over and you’ve selected a winner, you have about 2 weeks to have any changes made as needed.  Then once everything is to your satisfaction, you proceed with the payment to the designer and everything is handed over to you.

Everything is pretty straight forward, and the website is very user friendly.  The designers were very talented, and while I loved all the designs I could only choose one.

Overall, if you need something designed, I would strongly recommend using DesignCrowd.  It’s fantastic.


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