Promoting a Website on Facebook

Hi everyone.  In keeping with the theme of the last few posts, this week we’re looking at Promoting a Website on Facebook.

As with Promoting a Facebook Page and Boosting a Post, Facebook also offers a specific option for Promoting a Website. Configuration is similar to the promoting a page and boosting a post, but it also includes new and very specific options which we’ll look at in further detail.  Keep in mind this option is only available if you’ve attached a website to your brand page.

The Promote a Website button is found in the About box on your Brand Page.  It’s located on the left hand side of the screen underneath the Promote a Page button.  Once you click the button, a new widow will open up where you can configure your ad.

Create Advert

On the left hand side of the new window is the Create Advert section.  This is where you add in the specifics of your site, such as URL, as well as upload pictures and change the way the advert appears.


This is where you type (or paste) the URL of your website.  Facebook filled this section in automatically for me as I’m using it from my website Brand Page.  Depending on your type of Page it may not already be filled in.


This is where you can add in a headline for your advert.  Facebook suggests using something to grab people’s attention while telling them what your advert is about.  This text will appear near the bottom of your advert.

Facebook also automatically populated this section for me as I had previously added something similar to my Brand Page.  You can change it as you see fit.


This is where you add a little more information about your website.  Again, this section was automatically filled in as well. Facebook took the text that I had previously added to the About section for my Brand Page.  Again, update and change as you see fit.  The text will appear underneath your avatar but before any other picture you upload to the advert.  Facebook suggests using something compelling to grab people’s attention and to tell them a little more about your website.

Call to Action

This is where you can select a button for people to interact with.  As the name suggests, it encourages people to undertake an action, for example:

  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Download

This section is entirely optional, so if none of the above fit with your advert or website, then you don’t have to use it.


This is where you can upload an image to include in your advert.  You can even use a pre-made advert that contains more information about your website.  It will appear in the middle of your advert.

Uploading an image is pretty straight forward, so I don’t think we need to go into any further detail.

Advert Preview

Exactly as the name suggestions, this section will show you a preview of your advert.  It cannot be interacted with or changed directly, but everything you do in the Create Advert section will affect it.

Choose Audience

Now that we’ve finished with creating the advert, we need to create our audience.  As with Promoting a Page, there is no option to use an existing audience, but the previous audience you use should be automatically filled in.


Unlike when Promoting a Page or Boosting a Post, you cannot select the type of location.  Instead it’s simply a box to type in a location.  If left blank, your advert will be delivered to people in your country.

Despite not being able to select the exact type of location (city, country, etc) you can still type in numerous locations.


This is where you can add the interests of your audience so your advert will reach the right people.  You can add in numerous interests, but Facebook suggests 4 to 10.  Facebook will also make suggestions for you.  Click on them to add them.


This is where you can select the minimum and maximum ages of your audience.  Both have a minimum of 13 and a maximum of 65+.


This is where you can select the gender of your audience.  You can select All, Men, or Women.

Choose Budget

This last section is where we set the budget and duration of the advert as well as finalising payment.

Daily Budget

This is where you select your daily budget.  Price ranges from $2.00 per day through to $30.00 per day.  You also have an option of setting your own budget.  Each daily budget allows you a different number of estimated clicks per day as well – that is, the number of clicks your ad can have before it’s ended for the day.


This is where you can select the duration of your advert.  You can choose to run it continuously or you can set a specific number of days or even an end date.

You can select to run the advert from 7, 14, or 28 days.  Underneath this section you can also add in a specific date for the advert to end.  This option is excellent if you’re advertising coincides with a sale or something else that’s dependent on a set schedule.  All you need to do is set and forget.

Once you’ve selected your daily budget and your schedule, you’ll be given a total amount that you will spend over the entire duration of the advert.


This is where you select the type of currency you’ll be paying with.  It should automatically set to your currency based on information you provided Facebook when setting up your page.

Promote Website

Once you’re all done, just click on the Promote Website button at the bottom right of the window.  A new window will open up containing the following payment options: Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, POLi Payments.  I don’t think we need to go over this section in detail as it’s pretty much the same as any other online payments.  If you’ve done any online shopping before you’ll know your way around.

And that’s it.  You’ve successfully advertised your website on Facebook.

If anyone has any suggestions for posts, feedback, or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to post or email me.



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