Promoting a Facebook Page

Hi everyone. Last week I went into detail about boosting a post on Facebook.  Keeping with the same theme, this week we’re looking at promoting a page on Facebook.

As previously discussed, Facebook has options where you can promote your Facebook Brand Page.  For the most part, the steps are very similar to boosting a post on Facebook which we looked at last week.  There are, however, a few differences.  Here’s everything you need to know about promoting your page through Facebook.

The first difference is where to find the the button for the promote menu.  There are two place where it will be:

  • At the top right of you page, under your settings and help options – this will open up a little box where you can select to promote your Facebook Page or your website
  • On the left side of your page under your avatar – this will go directly to the menu for promoting your page

Create Your Advert

This section allows you to edit the advert so it appears how you want it to appear, whereas when boosting a post merely sticks with a pre-designed layout.


Allows you to upload or use an existing image for your advert.


This gives you the option of upload a new image for your advert rather than using a pre-existing image that you’ve previously uploaded.  The process is the same with any upload, so I don’t think we need to go into detail.

Re-Position Image

Gives you the option to re-position and crop your selected image.

Once you’ve selected and / or re-positioned your image, a preview will appear on the left hand-side of the menu.  Don’t forget to scroll through the view options above the preview to see what the advert will look like on different devices.  These views are: Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, and Right Column.


Here you can type exactly what you want to say to potential customers.  You only have a limit of 90 characters to use, so be sure to be clear and to the point.


This section is similar as it is in boosting a post, but this time you don’t have an option to use a previously saved audience.  Having said that though, it does automatically populate this section based on your last audience.  If you don’t want that group though, you will need build your audience group all over again.   You won’t have an option to save this new audience for further use though.


Again you can select specific types of locations from the drop box, such as:

  • Countries
  • States / Provinces
  • Cites and miles away from the selected cities

Once you’ve selected the type of location, you can type in where you want to target.  You can also add in numerous locations rather than just sticking with the one area.

Unlike with boosting a post, you cannot select the distance from a specific city, so it’s a good thing you can add in multiple locations.


This is where you type the types of interests your preferred audience.  Facebook suggests 4 – 10 entries.  Once you’ve typed something, similar suggestions will appear below the text box.  Just click them to select them.


This is where you select the age range of your audience.  You can select anywhere from 13 through to 65+ for both minimum and maximum ages.


Here you can select the gender of your audience.  You can select All, Men, or Women.

Choose Budget

This is similar to the Budget and Duration section of the Boost a Post menu.

Daily Budget

This is where you set your daily budget.  You’re given some suggested amounts, such as $6.00, $13.00, and so on.  You can also select your own budget.  You’ll also be given an estimated number of likes per day for each budget.  Once you’ve reached that number of likes per day, your ad will be stopped until the next day (assuming you’re advertising the following day as well).


In this section there are two options to select from:

Run this advert continuously

If you select this option, your ad will continue to run each and every day until you stop it manually.  Each day will cost whatever you’ve added as your daily budget as well.

Choose when this advert will end

This allows you to choose when the ad will stop running.  If you select this option, some new options will appear.  Out of the new options, you can select the run the advert for 7, 14, or 28 days.  If none of these options suit your needs, you can also select a specific date for the advert to end.  Again, you’ll be charged your daily budget every day of the promotion.  Regardless of which duration option you choose, you’ll also be given a total amount that will be spent.


This is where you select the type of currency you’ll be paying with.  The type should be automatically selected based on your location.


Once you’ve finished setting up all the above, click on ‘Promote’ and a payment window will open up.  You’ll be given three payment types: Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or POLi Payments.

Once you’ve selected your payment type, just click on ‘Continue’.  If you’ve selected to pay with PayPal, etc, you’ll be given the option to log in and finalize your payments through them.

And that’s it.  You’ve promoted your Brand Page through Facebook.  Next week we’ll look into promoting a website on Facebook.





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