Boosting a Post on Facebook

Hi everyone.  Today I want to go into a little more detail about boosting a post with Facebook, which we briefly touched on in the previous post, Promoting with Facebook.

As mentioned in my previous post about promoting with Facebook, all posts on a brand page have the option to be ‘boosted’.  This means that you can have that particular post sent out to a wider audience so that more people than normal would be able to see it. I’ll break each section up to make things easier to navigate. The ‘Boost Post’ menu can be found by clicking on the ‘Boost Post’ button on the bottom right of the post you want to boost.


Under this section you can choose to create a new audience or using an existing audience you’ve made earlier.  It’s best to try to target a specific audience rather than going for anyone and everyone so you can get your post out to the right people. There’s no point in boosting a post to people who aren’t interested in the content.


The name of the audience group you’re creating.  To help keep track of everything, it’s best to name your audience something that you can see at a glance what that group is.


You can select specific types of locations, such as:

  • Countries
  • States / Provinces
  • Cites and miles away from the selected cities

From there you can then select numerous locations based on the option you’ve selected.  For example, if I selected ‘Cities’, I can then add all the nearby towns and cities that I would like to target.

When selecting ‘Cities’, you can also select the distance away from the city.  For example, I can choose to target people 0, 10, 25, and 50 miles away from Melbourne. Off the top of my head I’m not sure how many kilometers that would translate into.


Here you can select the age range of your audience.  You can choose anywhere from 13 years through to 65+ for both minimum and maximum ages.  This allows you to target a very specific age range if you want.


As expected, you can select everyone or just men or women.


Here you have a box where you can type in the targeted interests of your audience. Facebook suggests anywhere from 4 through to 10 entries and will even suggest some interests while you’re typing.

Once you’re all done setting your audience, just click ‘Save’.

Budget and Duration

This next section is for how long you want the post to be boosted as well as how much you would like to spend.

Total Budget

This is where you put in the total budget you’re willing to spend on boosting your post. Facebook gives the option of select from a variety of suggested amounts (for example $25.00 AUD, $76.00 AUD, etc), or you can select your own total budget.  You can even add in $1.00 AUD for your total budget if you wish as you need to spend a minimum of $1.00 AUD a day on boosting. There are two things to keep in mind when you’re selecting your total budget:

  • Amount -as stated above, this is the total amount you’re willing to spend on boosting your post.  It can start from $1.00AUD and go up as high as you’re willing to spend
  • Estimated People Reached – the estimated number of people the boosted post will reach.  This will increase or decrease depending on the amount you’re willing to spend and also depends on your targeted audience.  The minimum amount starts at 0.  I can’t give a specific amount for the maximum as this number depends on the audience you’ve selected.  The number itself is based on how many people matching your audience are on Facebook each day.

Underneath the ‘Total Budget’ is a sliding bar that shows, from minimum to maximum, the estimated number of people to be reached.  Unfortunately you can’t move the bar to select people that way, but it’s an easy visual for assessing numbers, etc.


This allows you to select how long your post will be boosted.  Posts can be boosted anywhere between 1 and 7 days. Once you’ve selected your duration, you’ll be given the amount each day will cost.  For example, if my total budget was $25.00 AUD and I wanted to boost my post for 7 days, I would only spend $3.57 AUD per day.


And now we get to organizing payment.  Facebook splits this section into two pop-up menus – the current ‘Boost Post’ menu for selecting currency, and one for selecting and inputting your payment type / details.


As the name suggests, you can select the type of currency you’ll use to pay for boosting your post.  The appropriate currency should be automatically selected based on the information you’ve provided Facebook. Once you’ve finished filling in all the other details and selected your currency type, just click on ‘Boost’ to open the payment options menu.

Payment Options

The available payment options depends on which country you have selected, which again should be automatically selected based on your details.  The available options for me here in Australia are:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Poli Payments

Your payment options are pretty straight forward and are the same as finalising any online payments, so I don’t think we need to touch on those. Once you’ve selected your payment options and put in your details, we’re all done.

And that’s it.  You’ve boosted your post.  I hope you’ve found this useful, and if you have any feedback feel free to post in the comments.


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