Wow Women Group – Empower, Inspire, Succeed

Hi everyone.  This time I’m talking about a networking and business seminar I attended on the 19th of April called Wow Women – Empower, Inspire, Succeed.

I attended this event because I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some insight into starting my own business and help point me in the right direction.  This year was their inaugural event.

There were four speakers in total, each one focusing on different areas, each of which could be applied to both work and personal life.

Tracey Sofra – founder of Wow Women and partner at Sofra Partners.  Tracey specializes in financial advice for women and gave us a talk about her 8 Week Financial Transformation class.  I’ve never actually looked into financial self-help stuff before, so I don’t know how this one differs to all the others out there, but the main focus is the personal rather than financial side of things – how you life is, what you want out of it, etc.  Personally I like this approach as it makes budgeting and finance more personal rather than just something you should do.

Janine Garner – founder and CEO of LBD Group and writer of the book From Me to We.  Janine told us about the importance of collaboration (hence the title of her book) and future proofing your business.  She gave an excellent example of Atari and the video game market crash which I couldn’t do justice repeating it myself.  Basically, Atari thought they could handle things themselves and continued on as they were, didn’t innovate, or work with other companies.  Then reality came crashing down for them.  The take-away from this is that it’s important to seek help from others and then give back.

Zahrina Robertson – Personal Brand Photographer.  Zahrina explained about personal brands and how we too are a part of our own personal brand, both in real life and online.  It’s not just your website or business, etc, it’s you as a person, and even comes down to the photo you use as an avatar on sites such as LinkedIn.  If you present poorly online, then it doesn’t matter or much you know about your chosen field, people will be turned off and not engage you.

Nikki Fogder-Moore – The Vitality Coach.  Perhaps the most popular speaker of the day.  A quote that really hit close to home for me was “create the life you want or you’ll get the one you’re given.”  How many of us have thought about doing something to change our lives, and then got scared and didn’t go through with it?  I know I’ve done just that myself.  Another great piece of advise was to spend at least 1% of your day working towards a goal.  The example used was getting fit.  1% of your day equals 14.4 minutes, which isn’t much overall, so plenty of time to go for a walk.

Overall I thought it was a great day out, and I definitely got some great advise and met some great people.  The speakers were very insightful and knowledgeable, and I look forward to going to the next one.



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